I was an art major in high school; I took every art class my high school offered including an independent study in painting.  After receiving a bachelor’s degree in Art Education, I spent the next two years teaching art in an elementary school.  While studying for my Art Ed. degree, I shared an apartment with three Industrial Arts majors.  I began to realize that being creative will only bring you so far, at which point technology must be employed. Just as creativity enhances the technology, an understanding of the technological process can enhance creativity.

I went on to receive another bachelor’s degree, this time in Industrial arts Education which completed the foundation of my beliefs concerning creativity and technology.  Finally, I received a Master of Arts degree from Rhode Island School of Design with a concentration in graphic design.

Since then I’ve had several “careers”, from a sales rep for a four-color print house to finish carpenter.  Eventually, I started teaching in a high school setting as a cabinet making instructor and have since moved to graphic design and digital photography.   As a high school photography instructor, now retired, I have had the opportunity to explore and immerse myself in many facets of the medium and the technological process. The portfolio projects presented here are the ongoing results of these explorations.