Symmetry in Surrealism

My work as an artist has always been drawn to the Surreal and the Abstract.  To me, the synthesis of seemingly unrelated and distorted images is a statement on our constructed environment.  I view the natural world as a loose hierarchy of rank and order, with obscured and gradual transformations.  Our constructed environment attempts to create order with repetition, straight lines, organization, and defined boundaries, while the order of the natural world is based on randomness and the unpredictable. These images are part of an ongoing series I have titled “Symmetry in Surrealism”.  The concept of symmetry suggests a balance, which reflects a desire to reconcile with equal parts both the natural world and our constructed environment.  Choosing Surrealism as a genre was more of a natural order than a choice. As the series and images mature, I have taken to working in a 1:1 format, I feel this format further emphasizes the balance I wish to achieve.