Symmetry in Surrealism

My work as an artist has always been drawn to the Surreal and the Abstract. While I view the natural world as random and unpredictable, I feel it still contains a loose hierarchy, a form of random order. Our constructed environment, on the other hand, is created with purposed order, repetition, straight lines, organization, and defined boundaries.  This dichotomy led me to go back and explore my own images. The images I have recorded over time seem to focus either on the natural world or our constructed environment. Thus, I wanted to create a synthesis or visual balance between our constructed environment and the natural world.

These images are part of an ongoing project I have titled “Symmetry in Surrealism”.  The concept of symmetry suggests a balance, which reflects my desire to reconcile the natural world with a human desire to control and construct my own environment.  Choosing Surrealism as a genre was more of a natural order than a choice. As the project progressed, I have adopted a 1:1 format, which further emphases the notion of balance.